More broken then before

2.5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 3/7/2019

Professional at its best

5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 3/2/2019

After reading my review I upgraded it, the work that was done looked good and I don't want the mechanic to be judged unfairly but I am disappointed by the pricing and the car being returned no better than it went in, I don't want my anger to confuse the issues, the mechanics do do good work. Regards, Mr Murray

3 Mechanic One Auto Repair 2/23/2019

The work they did looked like a good mechanic performed it, however after spending $660 (layed off so every dollar counts)they couldn't fix it, told me to get a new muffler and that could possibly fix my Jeep issue. As a furnace repair guy imagine if I came to your home, charged a bunch of money, and left with it still broken would you pay me? I got a new exhaust from the exhaust manifold back including catalytic converter. Mr Muffler repair guy, been going to him for almost 30 years for exhaust work, he said they were bad but it wouldn't fix my issue. I was leery but he told me if replacing the fuel pump he said it needed didn't fix it I would get the whole job free. I bet him and lost, he knew what was wrong ten minutes after I brought it in and proved it by running Jeep with entire exhaust removed, Jeep still hesitated and stalled. Put on new system She still ran crummy, replaced fuel pump and I haven't had an issue since. Shame on Mechanicone, buy a pressure gage, a pressure test could have saved me a lot of hassle and maybe cash too, wish I could have wrote a glowing review like these others but.......maybe l still can if you give me a good price on replacing gas tank and you do a good job of it for me, Don't believe me I'll give you the Mr Mufflers I used phone number to you. Regards Mr Murray

2 Mechanic One Auto Repair 2/23/2019

Good work. Good turnaround time and reasonable prices.

4 Mechanic One Auto Repair 2/8/2019

Very friendly and excellent service. A tad excessive when explaining issues but that's a very subjective thing. Will come back again.

5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 2/2/2019

I took my car in to have the transmission fixed, Mechanic One did a great job, thanks!

Thank you! Mechanic One Auto Repair
5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 1/21/2019

My car was thoroughly inspect and repaired in a timely and professional manner. The people at Mechanic One were very honest and straightforward with what was wrong with my car and gave me a fair price. great work!

Thanks Mark! Mechanic One Auto Repair
5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 12/19/2018

Excellent timely service; honest and reliable!!

Thank you Jawad! Mechanic One Auto Repair
5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 12/18/2018

Exceptionally professional, competent, and timely service.

Thank you! Mechanic One Auto Repair
5 Mechanic One Auto Repair 12/14/2018
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