Brake Repair


The braking system in your vehicle is the lifeline to safety. Well-working brakes allow you to safely stop in time, protecting the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers who are sharing the road with you. If you think your brakes may need an inspection, or there are a few signs they’re fading, visit the professionals at Mechanic One Auto Repair & European so we perform thorough diagnostics and get you back on the road safely. As the leaders in Canton brake repair, you can trust that you will always be in good hands with our team.

Signs of a Braking Issue

The first and obvious sign you may have a braking problem is if you notice it’s taking much longer to come to a full stop. This may feel as if your brake pedal is “spongy” when you press down. Another sign is loud, squealing noises every time you hit the brakes. Your steering wheel may also slightly tremble when you brake, or you could even notice smoke or strange smells emanating from the vehicle any time you stop. No matter what the symptom, it’s imperative that you bring your car in for a thorough brake inspection as soon as possible.

Brake Repair Canton MI

At Mechanic One Auto Repair & European, we provide a wide range of brake repair services to suit your needs. Whether it’s a simple diagnosis to a thorough braking system replacement, we have the skills and the tools to get the job done right the first time. We even perform anti-lock braking system diagnostics and work on a variety of hydraulic braking systems to keep you safe on the road. In many cases, brake issues are a result of leaking brake fluid. We’ll thoroughly check for any leaks and also check the condition of your braking fluid. Then, we will flush the system and replace it with new, clean fluid along with sealing any areas where a leak is found.

For many customers, the rotors or discs have simply become worn as a result of everyday driving. If you drive in a lot of traffic or live in areas where you have to brake while going downhill, it can cause these parts to wear down faster. You may also have to have brake service more often if you tend to tow heavy items behind your vehicle. No matter what the reason, it’s important to be sure that your brake pads, lines, and rotors are all in good working order so you can stay safe when you drive.

We are proud to be the leaders in Canton brake repair, Lavonia brake repair, Plymouth brake repair, and Westland brake repair. Bring your vehicle to Mechanic One Auto Repair & European in Canton, MI or give us a call to schedule your brake inspection and other service needs today.


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