Don’t Ignore These Signs of Suspension Trouble

Your vehicle’s suspension keeps your tires on the road, gives you the ability to steer, and helps absorb road bumps. It’s a crucial system that is often forgotten until it runs into trouble. The suspension system will tell you when it’s having trouble; you just have to heed the warnings. Here are signs you might have an issue brewing in your vehicle’s suspension system according to Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair.


Your wheels are likely out of alignment if your vehicle constantly pulls to the left or right when you are driving straight. Side-pulling is also caused by low tire pressure, uneven tread wear, broken tie rods, or a faulty steering rack. Pulling to one side definitely indicates a suspension problem in need of repair, so act sooner rather than later to avoid wheel damage.

Bumpy Ride

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts prevent you from feeling every single bump in the road. They wear down over time and can also be damaged in an automobile accident, from road debris, or bumps and potholes. You’ll notice a difference in your vehicle’s ride if the shocks and struts are worn or damaged. The ride will be much bumpier than normal.

Low-Sitting Corner

If one of your suspension springs is broken or damaged, you will notice your car, truck, or SUV sitting lower on that wheel. You might also hear a clunk in that corner of your vehicle when you drive over bumps. Have this checked out right away, because the damaged spring can cause further damage to your shocks, struts, and/or wheels.

Strange Momentum Movement

The shocks and struts not only absorb road bumps; they keep your vehicle upright and steady when you accelerate, stop, and turn. A sure sign the shocks and struts are too old is momentum movement. Your car shouldn’t dive, squat, or roll, i.e., lean forward, lean backward, or lean to the side when you stop, go, or turn corners, unless you’re driving too fast.

Steering Problems

Your steering system is part of your car, truck, or SUV’s suspension, so problems with the steering system are basically suspension problems. Indications of steering trouble include difficulty steering your vehicle, a steering wheel that slips or sticks, and power steering fluid leaks – red or reddish-brown fluid leaking onto your garage floor.

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