Engine Repair


Image by kuran from bigstockphoto.com

If you’re having engine trouble, it can be a serious source of stress. Don’t take your safety and the operation of your vehicle lightly if you encounter any engine-related problems. Whether the check engine light has come on or you’re noticing strange noises, smoke, odors, or unusual handling, you need to take your vehicle to the experts. Mechanic One Auto Repair has the skills and background to perform a wide range of engine repairs from simple tune-ups to total engine replacements. As the leaders in Canton engine repair and Livonia engine repair, you will always be in good hands at Mechanic One.

Check Engine Light

All newer vehicles have an internal on-board computer system that stores a variety of codes whenever something is amiss. When your check engine light comes on, this is an indication that there is a potential problem with your engine. When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll run a full diagnostics test that will give us a reading of all reported trouble codes. This allows us to easily pinpoint and then address the problem so we can make the correct repairs the first time.

Poor Performance

Whether your vehicle is idling high, running rough, or getting poor gas mileage, these are all indications that there’s a possible engine issue. We perform both major and minor tune-up services that can help make your vehicle run smoothly again. If your car is stalling or not starting at all, take it to us so we can have a closer look. We also specialize in timing belt assessments and replacements, head gasket repairs or replacements, and intake gasket repairs. We work hard to diagnose the reason for poor and erratic vehicle performance to get the problem solved quickly so you can get back on the road in total confidence.

Major Engine Repairs

In some cases, your vehicle’s engine may need a major overhaul. At Mechanic One Auto Repair, we will make sure we make it right. We can perform entire engine rebuilds or assist with the installation of a remanufactured engine. We can also entirely remove and replace your current engine with a new one in extreme cases. Our experienced mechanics know the ins and outs of all makes and models so you can take your car to us for any engine-related problem and know that we’ll make it run as good as new. We also specialize in computer re-flash and reprogramming for newer vehicles. We are proud to be the leaders in Plymouth engine repair and Westland engine repair in addition to Canton and Lavonia.

Bring your vehicle to Mechanic One Auto Repair in Canton, MI or give us a call at 734-254-1300 to schedule your engine repair or rebuild and other auto service needs today.