Fuel System Repair


Fuel is what powers your engine, so it’s important to be sure that the fuel system is clean and running smoothly. An improperly working fuel system can cause high idling, rough running, and even low gas mileage, which can cost you a lot of money at the gas pump. Mechanic One Auto Repair & European provides a wide range of fuel system repair services. From fuel filters and fuel lines to fuel pumps, we have the skill, tools, and knowledge to do it all.

Your Fuel System Canton MI

Your fuel system consists of a variety of components including the gas tank, which is the reservoir that holds gasoline. Fuel lines, or hoses, and how the fuel travels from the gas tank to your engine. The fuel filter helps to capture dirt, grime, and debris that can get into the fuel line, causing the fuel injectors to become clogged. The fuel pump pushes the fuel past the filters and into the fuel injectors. These injectors use tiny nozzles that distribute a spray of fuel into the cylinders, which causes the spark plugs to ignite, powering the car to move.

Fuel System Cleaning Canton MI

If the fuel filter or fuel injectors become clogged, they cannot reach the spark plugs in order to ignite a spark. You will start to notice a wide range of signs that your vehicle is not operating the way it should. Common symptoms of a dirty or clogged fuel system include less power while using more gas, rough starting and idling, and even a loss of power as you accelerate. Other issues may include that your car seems to “hesitate” whenever you hit the gas pedal. A simple fuel system cleaning can often remedy this problem and make your car run smoothly again.

Other Fuel System Services

At Mechanic One Auto Repair & European, we will perform a fuel pressure analysis and then assess the problem further. You may need a fuel line and tank replacement, or your vehicle might need a carburetor adjustment and rebuild. Other options include replacing damaged or worn fuel injectors or replacing the carburetor, sending unit, or fuel pump altogether. No matter what the issue is, we have the know-how and skills to get the problem corrected quickly and accurately so you can get back to driving.

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