Heating & Cooling Repair


Whether it’s the heat of summer or the cold winter months, it’s important to have a vehicle that’s comfortable when you drive. If you notice that your car’s air conditioning or heating system is not working the way it should, take it to Mechanic One Auto Repair & European, where we do it all. From a simple Freon recharge to replacing or repairing thermostats and radiators, we do it all. We’re your one-stop shop for all your automotive repair and service needs.

Cooling Repair Canton MI

Your car’s AC system can present a number of different issues ranging from blowing hot air to not blowing any air into the cabin at all. There could be several reasons why this is happening, and many times it’s just a matter of adding more refrigerant to the system. We provide complete testing and repair to pinpoint the issue and get your passenger cabin feeling ice cold again. Whether it’s a motor or fan that needs to be replaced or a leaky refrigerant line, we’re able to get it pumping cool air again so you can drive in comfort.

Heating Repair Canton MI

Essentially, the heating system in your car is similar to the cooling system radiator. As hot engine coolant circulates through the heater core, it blows over a fan positioned in front of it. When the air travels over the core it begins to heat up, creating warm and comfortable air that blows out of your vents. If this core gets clogged with debris, your heat will stop working properly. We are able to troubleshoot the heater core to make sure it’s in good working order. We’ll also check for any possible issues with belts and hoses.

Stay Comfortable All Year Long

There’s no need to suffer when you drive, whether it’s steaming hot outside or frigid cold. Let our expert team help you identify your vehicle’s unique heating or cooling problem so we can get you driving in comfort again. From radiator issues to refrigerant refills, we have the skills and knowledge to tackle any heating and cooling task. You should not have to be uncomfortable during the summer or winter, so be sure to bring your vehicle to us and let us take care of all your vehicle’s heating and cooling system needs.

Bring your vehicle to Mechanic One Auto Repair & European in Canton, MI, or give us a call to schedule heating or cooling repair in Canton, MI or any other auto service needs today.


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