It’s Not Too Late for An Air Conditioning Service

If you forgot to schedule your car’s AC service in the spring, do not worry. Mechanic One Auto Repair advises that it’s not too late. We can inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make sure it is ready for its summer job. We conduct a thorough inspection of the system, including the electrical system. Let’s talk more about your air conditioner and what can go wrong before summer.


The compressor can malfunction the first time you turn on the air conditioner because it hasn’t been used in months. Unfortunately, the compressor works better when it runs all the time. Consequently, its fall and winter break can actually cause it to break down. We will inspect the compressor and test it to make sure it is compressing the refrigerant and circulating it.


The condenser is easily damaged because it is located directly behind the grille. The reason for this location is that the condenser uses the outside air to keep the refrigerant cool. You need cold refrigerant for cold air. We will inspect the condenser to make sure it has not been damaged or clogged by road debris and dirt, respectively. If there is damage, we will replace the condenser.

Condenser Fan

The condenser also uses a fan to cool off the refrigerant. This fan, too, can get damaged by road debris. We will inspect the fan to make sure it is free of damage and test it to confirm it turns on when it needs to. If the condenser fan is malfunctioning, we can replace it with the new one. You need both the condenser and its fan to keep the refrigerant temperature cold.

Electrical System

We will also inspect the electrical system to make sure that it is powering everything from the on/off switch to the condenser fan. We will check for problems such as blown fuses or frayed wires. We will also check the relays. It’s important to make sure that the electrical system is not only operating as it should be, but that it is also safe.


Finally, we talked a lot about refrigerant in this blog post. We will check your refrigerant level to see if you need refrigerant added to the air conditioning system. The refrigerant can evaporate and also leak out of the system.

Call Mechanic One Auto Repair in Canton, MI, today to set up a service visit for your vehicle to have the air conditioning system inspected.

Photo by sirapob from getty images via Canva Pro

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