New Year’s Resolutions For Drivers

As we bid adieu to 2019 and prepare for 2020, you are probably in the process of making your New Year’s Resolutions. Some of the most common include diets, exercise, and overall health. But have you considered including driving habits and car care in your list of resolutions? Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair wants to remind you that you and your vehicle are on the road every day. Why not add some of these to your resolutions this year.

Don’t Drive Distracted

This should go without saying. Anytime you are driving you should have two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. Utilize your hands-free device as much as possible for making phone calls behind the wheel. If you absolutely have to send a text message, pull over into a safe parking lot or ask a passenger to do it for you. We also recommend that you try to avoid eating in the car and choose your playlist or radio station before you start driving.

Brush Up on Traffic Laws

It’s been a while since you took your written driving test. Even though driving has become second nature, it is natural to forget some of the information you studied so hard to memorize. Some of the rules we recommend that you revisit include proper use of the right and left lanes, what to do at a four-way stop, and what it means when traffic lights are flashing red or yellow.

Avoid Road Rage

It is easy to get frustrated with other drivers on the road, but it is important that you not allow it to reach road rage status. To avoid raging, leave plenty of time for traffic when you are commuting, pay attention to other drivers, and relax. As tempting as it may be to lay on your horn or scream at people as you pass, don’t do it. It isn’t going to change anything.

Stay on Top Of Maintenance

If you ask us, this is the biggest one on the list. Your vehicle takes good care of you and deserves the same in return. Remember to get your regular oil changes and inspections to keep your car running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.

For all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs, remember to call Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair. Our team of technicians are auto repair experts and pride themselves on delivering the best service possible.


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