Preparing Your Car for Emergencies

Let’s face it, emergencies happen. It could be financial, medical, or otherwise, but whatever the emergency, it is always best to be overprepared versus not prepared at all. When it comes to your vehicle, Mechanic One Auto Repair & European in Canton, Michigan wants to make sure you are prepared for any emergency you may meet on the road. Use this list to make sure your car is stocked with everything you need.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit is a good thing to have in or out of your car. You never know what little scrapes, bruises, or illnesses will come up. Some of the things that are recommended for a vehicle’s first kit include bandaids, antihistamine, ibuprofen, tweezers, gloves, and alcohol wipes. Basically, your first aid kit should be ready for any medical emergency that might arise.

Lug Wrench, Jack, & Spare Tire

You never plan to pick up a nail on the road or have your tire blowout, but these things happen. Make sure you know the location of your lug wrench and jack. And don’t forget to inspect our spare tire for viability before you find yourself having to put it on your car.

Paper Towels or Napkins

Paper towels and napkins are those things that you never think about putting in your car until you need them. From cleaning up coffee spills to keeping your hands clean when you check your oil to cleaning up after a car sickness episode, they really come in handy.

Jump Starter or Jumper Cables

Realizing that you have a dead battery often puts you in a situation where you have to rely on strangers for help. A jump starter is a great way to handle the situation on your own. At the very least, you should keep a good pair of jumper cables in your trunk.

Snacks & Water

Keeping non-perishable snacks and bottles of water are always a good thing to have on hand. Whether you find yourself in an unrelenting traffic jam or you and the kids are stuck on the side of the road after a breakdown, food and water will keep you energized and in good spirits in the event of a crisis.

Reflective Triangles or Road Flares

Being stuck on the side of the road is a dangerous situation. It is important to alert motorists to your presence with reflective triangles or road flares to keep them from hitting you.

While being prepared for an emergency is important, we want to remind you that having your vehicle serviced and inspected on a regular basis will help you maintain its integrity and overall safety. Call Mechanic One Auto Repair & European today to schedule your next appointment.


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