Signs My Saab’s Oil Filter Is Clogged

Stop by Mechanic One Auto Repair if you are having any of the problems listed below with your Saab. These problems are signs that you have a clogged oil filter underneath the hood, and the clogged oil filter could be damaging the engine. You do not want to cause unnecessary damage to your Saab’s engine by failing to have the oil changed when it needs it. Let’s talk more about this below.

Sluggish Performance

Your Saab’s engine needs clean oil circulating through it all the time and the oil filter is the mechanism that keeps the oil clean. If the oil filter is dirty, it will be unable to remove the dirt from the oil. Consequently, the motor oil will cause the engine to get dirty by depositing grime as it circulates through it. This directly affects the engine’s performance and causes it to become sluggish.

Reduced Fuel Economy

In addition, you will not get the fuel economy out of your Saab that you normally get while you are driving the vehicle. This is because all automobile engines burn through fuel more quickly when they are running inefficiently. Your Saab’s engine is running inefficiently because the oil is dirtying it up. As such, you will notice that you are not getting the normal fuel mileage you get out of your Saab.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Unfortunately, the oil’s pressure will also be reduced by the clogged oil filter. When this happens, the engine starts to suffer because it does not have enough clean motor oil circulating through it. As such, the engine control module will turn on the oil light on the dashboard to let you know there’s a problem with the oil in the engine. In this case, there is too little oil pressure in the engine.

Grinding/Metallic Noises

This low pressure can cause the Saab’s engine to make grinding and other strange metallic noises. If you hear these noises in the engine, it is crucial that you pull the Saab over right away and turn off the engine. These noises indicate that you do not have enough motor oil circulating through the engine to protect the moving parts. Consequently, they are grinding against each other.

Increased Hydrocarbons

Finally, your Saab may fail its emissions test if the oil filter is clogged and the oil is dirty. This is because the engine will burn away the dirt that the oil is depositing as it circulates. Unfortunately, this increases the number of hydrocarbons found in the Saab’s exhaust. If you live in an area that requires emissions testing, your Saab may be unable to pass the test.

Call Mechanic One Auto Repair in Canton, MI, today if your Saab is overdue for an oil change.

Photo by Milan Krasula from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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