Spring Is Almost Here! Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

You’ve got the spring to-do list for your home. What about your automobile? It’s almost spring, and this is the perfect time to have your vehicle inspected and any services done before summer gets here. Your car, CUV, truck, SUV, or van has suffered through a cold and icy winter, and this can wreak havoc on certain automotive parts. Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair recommends “spring cleaning” for your automobile with the following services.

A/C Charge

We certainly don’t get as hot here in Canton, Michigan as they do in the Southwest when summer hits, but you still want to be able to enjoy cold, refreshing air blowing out of your vents when you turn on your automobile’s air conditioner. Now is a good time to have the A/C inspected and charged. This gets it ready for summer when you’ll use it all day long.

Battery Test

As we said above, winter is hard on certain automotive parts and your battery is one of them. Freezing temperatures can reduce your battery’s power by as much as 65 percent. If you have a car battery that is older than three years old, winter has likely drained its ability to hold a charge, as well. Have the battery tested to see if it is still retaining voltage.


Your belts can harden and crack during the cold winter months. It’s a good idea to have them checked annually to make sure they are not wearing down and need to be replaced. Certain belts, such as the timing belt if your vehicle has one, need to be replaced before they break. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing serious engine damage.


Spring is also a good time to make sure that your car’s filters are clean. This is especially true with the cabin air filter because it prevents pollens that can increase your spring allergies from blowing through the vents. If you haven’t had your engine air filter changed in 12,000 miles, it needs to be done. It’s a good idea to check the fuel filter, too.


You may have a coolant problem in your engine without even realizing it. Winter weather helps keep engines cooler, but once we hit warmer weather, if your engine coolant is old and dirty, your vehicle will begin to overheat. Other fluids that could use a spring check include your windshield washer, air conditioning refrigerant, and brake fluid.


Winter weather is also hard on your vehicle’s hoses. The icy conditions can crack them as easily as they can crack the belts. You don’t want to end up with auto fluid leaking out of your automobile through cracked hoses, so let us check all of them now. Fluid can also leak out of the hose connectors.

Oil Change

Spring is an excellent time to get an oil and oil filter change. Your engine oil has gone through winter standing up to the cold conditions and it needs to be replaced. Fresh motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and helps clean the moving parts. A lube, oil, and filter should become part of your normal spring vehicle maintenance routine.

Windshield Wipers

Finally, spring showers are refreshing and help the flowers bloom. Winter was hard on your windshield wipers, however. Check them to make sure they aren’t frayed or separating. If the rubber is separating or splitting, replace the windshield wipers before the spring showers hit.

We can do that for you here at Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair in Canton, MI, if you would prefer. Give us a call today to schedule a spring maintenance service visit.

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro

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