Why Preventative Fleet Maintenance Is So Important

Humor us for just a moment. We here at Mechanic One Auto Repair & European Auto Repair perform preventative fleet maintenance for very important reasons. To make our point, we’re going to present a scenario below that might sound as if we’re trying to frighten you but actually makes sense in the end. Can you ignore fleet maintenance? Sure, but here is one reason why you shouldn’t.

Setting the Scenario Up

Imagine you own a small fleet of vehicles that transport business professionals and personal clients all over the city. You have built a reputation of being reliable. Business professionals use you all the time to take them to and from the airport for business trips. Personal clients love your vehicle service if they’re headed to an event where they’ll be drinking. You keep your vehicles spotless but you ignore maintenance. They run just fine so it’s best to save money and increase your profits.

The Accident

One of your clients schedules a ride to the airport. She’s headed out of town on a business trip. Your driver picks her up on time and they’re on their way. While driving at high speeds on the freeway, the driver applies the brakes to slow down for upcoming traffic. The brakes fail and the vehicle is involved in a serious accident. The driver is killed; the passenger severely injured. The authorities and insurance companies determine your driver and vehicle were at fault. The brake system was not maintained.

The Resulting Lawsuits

Unable to pass the blame to anyone else – you were responsible to maintain your fleet vehicles – the families of the driver and passenger sue you. The driver’s family sues you for lost income and punitive damages. The passenger’s family sues you for lost income, medical bills, and punitive damages. Your insurance company refuses to cover the costs or the lawsuit because it’s your fault. The brakes failed because they weren’t maintained. Do you think you can survive this? You’ll likely lose everything.

Why Do We Bring This Up?

Are we trying to scare you? No. We’re trying to prove a point: preventative maintenance saves you money rather than costs you money. Let’s take the above scenario out of the picture and just say that one of your fleet vehicles broke down. Can you afford to have it off the road? How much money will you lose if it’s not in operation? What if it’s out of commission for a week or more? 

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